digital I/O card

    - 4 DI
    - 4 DO
    - 3 Relays

  • AIM-Kit1-MTR

    motor control card

    - either 2 DC motors
    - or 1 stepper motor and 1 encoder input

  • AIM-KIT1



    This kit is a development platform
    for the STM32 family
    with an ARM-Cortex M0, M3 or M4

  • For STM32

    With DevTools

    Develop 10 times faster

    on STM32 !

  • DevTools - Get your free trail version
  • 0,00 € tax incl.

    Free trial version:

    µOne: Environment based on Eclipse. Its assistant guides you through the different stages for configuring your hardware. Once you have made your selections, µOne automatically generates your source code, and includes the libraries and services required depending on your choices.

    Agilia: graphical programming workshop based on function blocks. Use this intuitive environment to rapidly program your applications. Quickly create your user interfaces with the built in GUI editor.

    0,00 €
  • 0,00 € tax incl.

    Try the DevTools Starter pack with µOne and Agilia

    µOne: This environment guides you through the stages of your hardware and system configuration. It automatically generates source code, libraries and services depending on your choices.

    Agilia: this software enables the creation of applications using graphical programming: program rapidly and debug in real time on your STM32 target.

    The combination of these two programs and the touch screen allows you to easily create intuitive GUIs.

    0,00 €
  • 0,00 € tax incl.

    Trial version of DevTools combining the programs Agilia and µOne.

    Based on Eclipse, µOne is dedicated to STM32 micro-controllers. Enriched by an assortment of plug-ins, it automatically generates source code depending on user selections.

    The graphical programming environment Agilia offers real time debugging and rapid creation of your embedded applications.

    Quickly and easily create your own Graphical User Interfaces with DevTools on the touch screen of the STM3240G-EVAL kit.

    0,00 €
  • 58,80 € tax incl.

    The card AIM-Kit1-PLC extends the number of inputs and outputs of the AIM-Kits.

    - 4 digital inputs (Mosfet N – Voltage < 24 V)
    - 3 digital outputs (Voltage < 5 V - Current : 10mA)
    - 3 relays (R/T) 0.3A at 125 Vac or 1A at 30 Vdc

    This card connects to the left of the AIM-Kit1 (connector CO9).

    58,80 €
  • 0,00 € tax incl.

    Free trial Version

    Agilia is graphical programming software that uses function blocks.
    Using the graphical editor, you create your application from a wide range of function blocks.

    The GUI Editor allows you to create the GUI interface via a complete set of widgets. Their corresponding blocks are then available for use on the programming page.

    Simulation mode makes it possible to see values changing on I/Os and validate the application.
    The WebUI allows you to create your website in one click.

    0,00 €
  • 1 159,20 € tax incl.

    The AT3200-RS-USB-27 is equipped with a Freescale MCF5329 processor controlling color LCD TFT VGA 640x480 pixels resistive touch panel. It is a highly operator console communicating with a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, a USB ports, 2 serial ports : 1xRS232 and 1x RS485 with 27 inputs/outputs local industrial :

    - 13 digital inputs decoupled
    - 8 relay outputs
    - 3 analog inputs 12 bits (0-20 mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, Th K)
    - 1 analog input 12 bits (0-20 mA, 0-5V, 0-10V)
    - 2 analog outputs 12 bits 0-10V

    1 159,20 €

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